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Print Town opens door to Colleges and Universities

Apr 12, 2024

PTG welcomes Arellano University and Southville International School & Colleges as they attend Campus Journalism: Newsletter Layout, Design, and Basic Content Workshop

Last April 4, 2024, Print Town Group of Companies had its first seminar/workshop entitled Campus Journalism: Newsletter Layout, Design, and Basic Content Workshop.

Through this event, PTG aims to promote traditional media and, as part of its corporate social responsibility, develop readership among the younger generation that will contribute to their personal well-being. In addition, PTG would like to help students develop their skills in the field of journalism and equip them with the right knowledge should they decide to take this career in the future. The one-day, two-part seminar consists of a lecture in the morning, ending with a plant tour in the afternoon within Print Town’s newspaper printing press site and soya ink production facility.

Students from Arellano University and Southville International School and Colleges were able to gain insights from the award-winning artist, Mr. Albert Adrian Rodriguez, who served as the keynote speaker for the day. Mr. Rodriguez was able to share his experiences and expertise as Arts Head of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and students were given opportunities to critique actual works and tips on how to effectively layout news articles. For some, these learnings will help them when entering competitions such as the National Schools Press Conference.

Mr. Jerry Balajadia, Senior Production Supervisor from Alliance Media Printing Corporation, facilitated the press printing site plant tour while Ms. Joana Isip, Senior Operations Head for Newspaper Paraphernalia Incorporated, showed them the actual soya ink-making process used for printing newspapers and books.

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