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Print Town Group of Companies

"Your Partner in Print, Packages, and Diversified Solutions."

About Us

Print Town Group is consist of 3 companies, namely:

FEP Printing Corporation (FEP), Alliance Media Printing Incorporated (AMPI), and Newspaper Paraphernalia Incorporated (NPI). 


It houses a full-service printing facility, complemented with products and expertise that spawned from 3 decades of hard work and customer loyalty.

From the time its first company was founded in 1993, Print Town continues to evolve and remain relevant to its customers. It will continue to adapt to the changing times and provide the same quality products and services it is noted for.

Products & Services

What We Do


Reliable information within your reach

Commercial Printing & Packaging

Creative ideas brought to life

Inks & Chemicals

Cost-efficient and customized

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